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What Are Women Called to Do?

What Are Women Called to Do?

What Are Women Called to Do?

Q Conference, held at ABS’ Atrium, brings important topics to light.

In mid-November, American Bible Society hosted more than 200 women at its space in the Atrium in midtown Manhattan for the Q conference. Titled Women and Calling, this Q conference was the first of its kind, dealing solely with women and their calling in all aspects of life—career, church, community, family and society.

Topics ranged from discerning God’s calling for one’s life to mentoring the next generation of women to facing personal fears.

Scripture took center stage, undergirding all the presentations.

“Based on the topics—and the main theme of the conference, that of calling—everything pointed to God’s Word and our relationship with Jesus,” said attendee Sarah Cantrell, a mother of two from Chattanooga, Tenn. “We need to spend time in the Word, and this whole conferences reinforces that.”

“Scripture is the foundation for all of this,” agreed Angie Weszely, a Chicago resident who runs a Christian nonprofit.  “We’re here to talk about calling. Scripture informs us about that. The Word is first and it helps us discern these other things for our lives.”

Setting the tone for the day, journalist Kate Harris defined calling, which is “about identity and belonging, who we are and to whom we belong, more than what we do.

“Calling is comprehensive,” she continued. “It includes family, work, friends, bearing children, managing professional teams, caring for elderly parents.” It’s the work of “learning to see the heart of God,” said Harris. “It is a big, rich word and it’s never more or less than what Christ has modeled for us.”

Author Rachel Held Evans discussed the definition of a biblical woman, prompting conversation about the role of Scripture in a woman’s identity.

In an attempt to have an “honest and authentic conversation” about what it means to be a biblical woman, Evans followed the mandates in Scripture on this topic. Her book, A Year of Biblical Womanhood, chronicles that 12-month journey.

Sharing reflections from her experience,  Evans learned that being a biblical woman isn’t about adhering to roles or stereotypes. Rather, it’s about “an entire life lived in response to God’s voice. … to love justice and virtue and to walk humbly with our God.”

Throughout the day, attendees discussed these topics and others, joining in the larger conversation Q Women and Calling presented.    

Gems from Q Women Speakers

“Calling is where your talents and burdens collide.” --Rebekah Lyons 

“Vocation is an entire life lived in response to God’s voice.” --Kate Harris 

“We are called to bigger and better things than building a tower in our own name. God has called us as men and women to partner together, to subdue the earth and to encourage each other to do the better thing.” --Kathy Khang 

“The call you have from God is for you. God is for you. Rest there. Behold there. Be at home.” --Diedre Riggs