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Gift Planning: Donor Stories

Gift Planning: Donor Stories

Every financial partner plays a role in the story of American Bible Society—and is able to help shape the future of our Bible ministry for years to come. Their charitable gifts make our work possible, empowering us to fulfill our mission today, tomorrow and into the future. Read their stories below.

A Gift Annuity Equips One Woman to Share God’s Word

Anna Rose has supported American Bible Society for more than 65 years. Today, she participates in a gift annuity with American Bible Society, which enables her to receive regular, fixed payments for life—all while equipping more people in more places to encounter God's Word.

A Gift of Faith A Gift of Faith

Lillian R. Schafft who lives in Virginia was inspired by an article she read in the Record magazine about Brian Waite, a chaplain who baptized soldiers in the Tigris River in Iraq.

A Faithful Donor Spreads Hope A Faithful Donor Spreads Hope

After trading a pack of cigarettes for a New Testament Bible, Jack Turner set out to spread hope through God’s Word. Today, Jack and his wife serve as proud owners of a gift annuity with American Bible Society.

Gifts Do <br /> Gifts Do
"Double Work"

"Everything comes from the Lord," Sam Boring said. Despite serious hardships, Sam and his wife, Thelma, unstintingly shared what they had. Thelma, for instance, tithed "every penny she ever made," said Sam.

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