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Historic Ministry Makes Its New Home in Historic Philadelphia

January 28, 2015

Historic Ministry Makes Its New Home in Historic Philadelphia City of American Bible Society's Founder Is City of Ministry's Future At a press conference today, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and American Bible Society President and CEO Roy Peterson announced that American Bible Society, one of the nation’s first and

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A Third of Millennials Do Not Read Bible Despite High Regard for It

October 24, 2014

New Survey Digs Deeper Into the Polarized Perceptions of the Bible Among Millennials Historical. Symbolic. Story. Sacred. Testimony. These are the top five words millennials use to describe the Bible. The new study Millennials and the Bible , co-commissioned by American Bible Society and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, dives deeper into the

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Study Finds African-Americans Are More Bible Friendly Than the General Population

May 1, 2014

Scripture Remains a Cornerstone of Black Culture While the general American population is divided in their views of the Bible,i African-Americans are overwhelmingly pro-Bible. African-Americans came out on top in Bible engagement and Bible friendliness in American Bible Society's fourth annual State of the Bible survey. They also

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Survey Finds Those Engaged with the Bible Outgive Bible Skeptics

May 1, 2014

American Bible Society's 2014 State of the Bible Examines the Relationship Between Engagement with the Bible and Charitable Giving Last year, a study found that the United States was the world’s most charitable nation.i Now, results from a recent survey may provide insight into why that is. American

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America Is Still Generally Pro-Bible, But Bible Skeptics* Now Balance Out the Bible Engaged

April 9, 2014

Younger Generation Leads the Way in Bible Skepticism; American Bible Society Releases Findings in Its Annual State of the BibleReport After four years of research, American Bible Society has found the Bible landscape in the U.S. is shifting. A new report released today finds the percentage of Americans

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American Bible Society’s President Meets with Pope Francis to Encourage Bible Reading Among Catholic

April 3, 2014

Yesterday, American Bible Society President and CEO Roy Peterson had a private audience with His Holiness Pope Francis. While the meeting was the first for Peterson, it was the continuation of an ongoing dialog between American Bible Society and Roman Catholic leadership around the importance of Bible engagement to the

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Five Tips for Talking to Kids about the Story of Jesus

March 1, 2014

As Son of God hits theaters this weekend, many parents will struggle with how to explain the more difficult aspects of Jesus' life - such as the virgin birth and the crucifixion - to their children. Fortunately, American Bible Society's Children's Ministry Senior Advisor Margi McCombs is offering tips to

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American Bible Society Announces Which Cities Rank—and Which Cities Tank—In Bible Mindedness

January 23, 2014

When it comes to U.S. cities that embrace the Bible, Tennessee still has bragging rights. The latest release ranking from American Bible Society finds Chattanooga is America’s most Bible-minded city. Chattanooga takes over the number-one ranking from Knoxville, which claimed the top spot in 2012. American Bible Society’s

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Bible Translation Champion Named Next President of American Bible Society

January 15, 2014

American Bible Society  has selected a new leader to helm the historic ministry. Dr. Roy Peterson, who is currently serving as president and CEO of The Seed Company, will join American Bible Society in February in the ministry’s Manhattan office “We are thrilled to welcome Roy Peterson to

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New Poll Results: Twice as Many Americans Make a Tradition of A Christmas Story than THE Christmas

December 3, 2013

According to the results of a survey released today, ninety-four percent of Americans celebrate Christmas. For most, this will be a time for traditions. Whether it is watching a classic movie, reading a Christmas poem or short story, or opening up the pages of Scripture, traditions will play an integral

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American Bible Society Donates Bibles to Remind Congress to Protect the Nationʼs Most Vulnerable

November 12, 2013

 Last monthʼs government shutdown and fiscal crisis may have ended, but Christian leaders remain united in their desire to remind members of Congress that the nationʼs moral obligation to the poor is far from over. Thanks to a donation from American Bible Society, all 535 members of the

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.BIBLE will Join .Com and .Org

August 19, 2013

American Bible Society to Offer a New Domain: .BIBLEWith fewer and fewer domain names available, American Bible Society will facilitate the addition of countless web addresses by releasing the .BIBLE top-level domain (TLD), making the message of the Bible even more accessible to people in a way that best fits

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August 12, 2013

(As Compared with 66% of All Americans) The place of the Bible in public schools has been debated since the 1963 Supreme Court ruling in the consolidated cases of Abington School District v. Schempp and Murray v. Curlett. The debate continued earlier this year with the Texas Freedom Network findings, “Reading, Writing

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American Bible Society and NHCLC join forces to combat Biblical illiteracy in Hispanic Communities

June 13, 2013

Two ministry heavyweights, American Bible Society and the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC), are launching a three-year effort to eradicate biblical illiteracy among Hispanics. According to a recent study conducted by Barna Hispanics, in partnership with American Bible Society, the NHCLC and OneHope, while 87 percent of Hispanics

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American Bible Society’s Latino Advisory Council Appoints First Chairwoman

April 28, 2013

The Latino Advisory Council (LAC) of American Bible Society has announced the election of its first chairwoman, seasoned publishing executive, Tessie DeVore. Only a few years after its founding in 1816, American Bible Society began its historic ministry to the Spanish-speaking community. To continue this great legacy, the LAC was formed

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