ministry: Funding Manager

Posted: May 23, 2018

Job Purpose

Lead the financial management functions of Mission Global, including budget planning and all financial operations to ensure that initiatives align with ABS's goal of engaging people in 100% of the world's languages, that projects are funded on a timely basis, and that all income is applied according to donor intent and correctly recorded and reported. This position is responsible to liaise with other Departments in ABS and with UBS-GMT, Bible Societies and mission partners for all financial matters.

Essential functions:

  1. Mission Global budget and financial operations

    • Lead the budget process in Mission Global, working with the Managing Director in the preparation of budget allocations for all areas and functions. Assure that total budget responds to our overall 100% goal according to policy allocations stated in the strategic long-term plan regarding Translation, Scripture engagement, digital technology, capacity building and overheads.
    • Supervise that all financial operations are timely and properly performed, including, but not limited to: tracking income sources, disbursement to projects, reconciling with UBS and ABS Finance records. Manage the administrative expenses according to approved budget, noting trends and exceptions leading to an effective exercise of approved budgets. Keep updated records of all financial operations of Mission Global.
    • Manage the data depository on grants and payments relating to all international projects funded by ABS, including MG, ETEN, Mission Trauma Healing and Mission Advancement.
    • Prepare periodic summaries and reports for the Mission Global leadership team and for ABS and UBS auditors on international project funding.
  2. Mission Global Partnership Projects

    • Negotiate the funding for Bible Society projects with other Resourcing Bible Societies and Ministry partners. Supervise the recording of pledges and  funding intent, and approve all ABS pledges in the UBS "Solomon" Project Registry as well as funding outside the  UBS.
    • Manage contributions to ABS designated for specific projects outside the approved operational budget, and pledge for appropriate implementation of these Ministry Opportunity income according to donor intent. Confer with Finance concerning the timely release of selected designated gifts.
    • Assist Mission Global directors in determining which unspent project funding should be recalled and which should be carried forward for the implementer to use in completing the project, according to the long-term strategic  plan.
    • Prepare periodic summaries and reports on the referral, research and funding status of selected projects, and keep updated records of these operations
  3. Special studies and monitoring on funding activity

    • Develop funding studies by strategic regions or functions. Note significant trends to inform our funding strategy
    • Monitor funding of other Resourcing Bible Societies with the purpose of informing our partnership opportunities in the UBS Fellowship
    • Prepare reports as required by the directors.
  4. General administrative Departmental tasks

    • Supervise the processing of expense reports, check authorizations, and purchase requisitions.
    • Approve electronic expense and attendance reports under the supervision of the Managing Director
    • Analyze periodic Department expenses vs. approved budget, preparing reports of variances for the teams
    • Maintain adequate records of operations

Essential Skills / Leadership Traits:

  • Fervent belief in the mission of American Bible Society
  • Passion for the Bible cause and its ability to impact lives, and the mission and core values of ABS
  • Self-motivated, attention to detail, well organized. Quality service oriented.
  • Dependable and able to perform and deliver without close supervision.
  • Customer service mind set with an orientation at handling information and data from multiple sources.
  • Working knowledge of office productivity tools and use of cutting-edge communications techniques and technologies.
  • Working experience in dealing with databases and budgets.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.

Education and/or Training:

  • 3 of more years experience in similar functions
  • Bachelor’s degree, or commensurate work experience

SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: Background checks are required after a conditional job offer is made. Consideration of the background check will be tailored to the requirements of the job.

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