technology: Senior Manager, Global Product Management and Software Engineering

Posted: December 7, 2016

Job Purpose:

Advancement of global Scripture translation, accelerated access and impact by leading design, development, and implementation of global Scripture technology products and platforms.

Desired ministry outcomes:

  1. Enhanced Every Tribe & Every Nation (ETEN) Digital Ecosystem programmatic scripture delivery through Bible API integration with Digital Bible Library texts and licensing.
  2. Project Marble tools and resources are adequately integrated and supported with Mission Global products and platforms in partnership with Bible Societies and other Ministry Partners through the United Bible Societies (UBS) Digital Strategy Advisory Group.
  3. Enhance Nida training capacity via strategic consulting on the Learning Management Systems and related systems.

Essential Functions:

  • Provide product management and oversight for Bible API and supporting tools
  • Manage development and implementation of API and supporting tools
  • Coordinate with Digital Bible Library enhancements and updates
  • Provide expertise and consultation for Marble technology and development
  • Oversee development and integration of Marble resources with global products and platforms
  • Provide consultation on technology to Nida for accelerated translation platforms and tools
  • Perform other functions as required by Director

Essential Skills/Traits:


  • Passion for the Bible cause and its ability to impact lives
  • Fervent belief in the mission of the American Bible Society and its core values
  • Servant leader, concerned for excellent stewardship of resources.
  • Effective in working cross culturally with people of several Christian confessions
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills; convey enthusiasm for mission
  • Ability to leverage web, mobile and cloud technologies to accomplish critical business goals
  • Ability to travel for domestic or international meetings
  • At least 10 years experience leading product development teams
  • Active working knowledge of Agile and Lean methodologies

Subject Matter Expertise

  • Deep knowledge of XML standards and transformation
  • Familiarity in integrating with RESTful APIs
  • Knowledge of multiple Bible traditions, canons, and versifications
  • Experience managing developers and development teams
  • Background developing product roadmaps and managing product lifecycle
  • Ability to devise and implement product strategy using lean development methodologies
  • Experience developing multi-lingual and multi-region applications


  • Experience architecting highly available web applications
  • Passion for software quality and experience with continuous integration and delivery practices
  • Experience managing, developing, and deploying developer facing APIs
  • Experience managing, developing, and deploying web applications and frontend Javascript clients
  • Understanding of web authentication techniques OAuth, JWT, etc.
  • Strong background in both relational and NoSQL databases
  • Deep knowledge of automated Test or Behavior Driven Development (TDD/BDD) practices
  • Experience designing and implementing integration tests
  • Experience configuring, deploying, and scaling applications with immutable infrastructure
  • Experience working with full text search engines (SOLR, ElasticSearch) across multiple languages


  • Experience with big data analysis and data warehousing
  • Understanding of multi-region cloud based application architecture
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Amazon Web Services
  • Experience with API design practices using tools such as Swagger or RAML
  • Familiarity with Digital Bible Library API

Education and/or Training:

  • Bachelor’s degree in related field, or commensurate work experience
  • Master’s degree, or commensurate professional specialty preferred
  • Proven experience in architecting web and mobile applications
  • Active certification in commensurate relevant technologies
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