ministry: Senior Manager, Stragetic Initiatives

Posted: April 9, 2019

Job Purpose

To help lead the strategic development of emerging initiatives/portfolios/projects that further U.S. Ministry’s goal of seeing 100 million people in the U.S. actively engaging Scripture by 2026. This position serves as the key strategy and research analyst for the development of major new U.S. Ministry initiatives. The job requires an ability to undertake advanced research, to interact independently and professionally with high-level external partners, and to create tangible and strategic business plans that increase Scripture engagement within specified target audiences. The candidate should have a talent for independent, self-directed, and creative thinking, with initiative proactively to identify and convene key stakeholders and external thought leaders to drive results.


Strategic Development

  • Work closely with Managing Director of Strategic Develoment and U.S. Ministry leadership to help create, inform, and drive strategy for U.S. Ministry initiatives/portfolios/projects.
  • Produce cohesive and intelligent action plans to advance U.S. Ministry’s goal of 100 million people in the U.S. actively engaged in Scripture by 2026.
  • Identify and develop enhancements and extensions to existing U.S. Ministry core competency ministries and resources.
  • Collaborate cross departmentally in the creation and development of ministry and financial partner strategy.


  • Independently identify and evaluate intellectual resources and networks for effective strategic development.
  • Develop bibliographies, read, and provide internal reports on subjects relevant to areas targeted for strategic development, including biblical studies, Amerian history, mental health, and other relevant subjects.
  • Analyze opportunities and problems within prospective ministry initiatives and leverage findings to inform planning.
  • Sharpen potential impact of U.S. Ministry portfolio by researching and creating strategy around target audience, user-journey, and national trends impacting Scripture engagement.
  • Implement actionable research findings identified through Ministry Intelligence to sharpen portfolio impact, reach, and effectiveness.
  • Partner Relations

    • Identify, create and maintain connections with financial and ministry partners that share similar vision for U.S. Ministry Scripture Engagement goals.
    • Work with Managing Director to initiate and co-facilitate thought leadership convenings with internal and external partners. Follow-through on action items to ensure results.
    • Identify and engage initial prospects and potential strategic Advisory Council members.
    • Lead follow-up communication efforts for all existing and potential ministry partners.

    Key Traits, Skills and Competencies:

    • Fervent belief in the mission of American Bible Society
    • Passion for the Bible cause and its ability to impact lives, and the mission and core values of American Bible Society
    • Strong intellectual curiosity and willingness to read and discuss relevant literatures
    • Demonstrate transparent and high-integrity leadership
    • Ability to work collaboratively and effectively with a diverse and decentralized team
    • Highly organized and detail-oriented (meets project goals and objectives)
    • Strong program development
    • Experience with group facilitation and processing
    • Experience in data collection and project evaluation
    • Excellent interpersonal, communication, and relational skills
    • Motivated, efficient, and focused on success of the whole company
    • Respect of organizations, key leaders, and ministries
    • Promote collaboration, communication, and shared decision making
    • Highly personable, polite, and reliable

    Education and/or Training

    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Master’s degree preferred or equivalent experience
    • 5+ years of experience in strategic management, research, and product development

    SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: Background checks are required after a conditional job offer is made. Consideration of the background check will be tailored to the requirements of the job.

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