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November 17, 2023

Psalm 116(GNT)

God’s Saving Word: Praise and Thanksgiving


Psalm 116: The psalm writer thanks and praises God for being delivered from danger and death and vows to offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving.

Scripture Reading

116 I love the Lord, because he hears me;
    he listens to my prayers.
He listens to me
    every time I call to him.
The danger of death was all around me;
    the horrors of the grave closed in on me;
    I was filled with fear and anxiety.
Then I called to the Lord,
    “I beg you, Lord, save me!”

The Lord is merciful and good;
    our God is compassionate.
The Lord protects the helpless;
    when I was in danger, he saved me.
Be confident, my heart,
    because the Lord has been good to me.

The Lord saved me from death;
    he stopped my tears
    and kept me from defeat.
And so I walk in the presence of the Lord
    in the world of the living.
10 I kept on believing, even when I said,
    “I am completely crushed,”
11 even when I was afraid and said,
    “No one can be trusted.”

12 What can I offer the Lord
    for all his goodness to me?
13 I will bring a wine offering to the Lord,
    to thank him for saving me.
14 In the assembly of all his people
    I will give him what I have promised.

15 How painful it is to the Lord
    when one of his people dies!
16 I am your servant, Lord;
    I serve you just as my mother did.
You have saved me from death.
17 I will give you a sacrifice of thanksgiving
    and offer my prayer to you.
18-19 In the assembly of all your people,
    in the sanctuary of your Temple in Jerusalem,
    I will give you what I have promised.

Praise the Lord!

Today’s Key Verse: Psalm 116:5

The LORD is merciful and good; our God is compassionate.


Sacrifices of thanksgiving were offered to God to express thanks for God’s deliverance or help and in recognition that God is the source of blessings and provider of good things. The worshiper would bring an animal or grain as an offering, sometimes in conjunction with a specific vow. How does the psalm writer express thanks to God? What does the psalm writer promise? Have you ever made promises to God? If so, what were they? In what ways can you offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving to God?


Compassionate and merciful God, you hear me when I call out to you and you listen to my prayers. When I walk in your presence, I know that I am in your care. With a thankful heart, I praise you for your steadfast goodness and love. Amen.

Tomorrow’s Reading

Psalm 118: A prayer of thanksgiving for victory.

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