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July 12th, 2019

1 Samuel 10:17-27 (GNT)

Sustained by God’s Word of Promise


1 Samuel 10:17-27: Samuel summons the people for the purpose of presenting Saul to them, and the process he follows is similar to one that is used for finding a criminal, which perhaps explains why Saul was hiding. The people acclaim Saul as king, but some of them question Saul’s leadership.

Today's Scripture: 1 Samuel 10:24a

Samuel said to the people, “Here is the man the LORD has chosen! There is no one else among us like him.”

Today's Reading

Saul Is Acclaimed as King

17Samuel called the people together for a religious gathering at Mizpah18and said to them, “The Lord, the God of Israel, says, ‘I brought you out of Egypt and rescued you from the Egyptians and all the other peoples who were oppressing you.19I am your God, the one who rescues you from all your troubles and difficulties, but today you have rejected me and have asked me to give you a king. Very well, then, gather yourselves before the Lord by tribes and by clans.’”

20Then Samuel had each tribe come forward, and the Lord picked the tribe of Benjamin.21Then Samuel had the families of the tribe of Benjamin come forward, and the family of Matri was picked out. Then the men of the family of Matri came forward, and Saul son of Kish was picked out. They looked for him, but when they could not find him,22they asked the Lord, “Is there still someone else?”

The Lord answered, “Saul is over there, hiding behind the supplies.”

23So they ran and brought Saul out to the people, and they could see that he was a foot taller than anyone else.24Samuel said to the people, “Here is the man the Lord has chosen! There is no one else among us like him.”

All the people shouted, “Long live the king!”

25Samuel explained to the people the rights and duties of a king, and then wrote them in a book, which he deposited in a holy place. Then he sent everyone home.26Saul also went back home to Gibeah. Some powerful men, whose hearts God had touched, went with him.27But some worthless people said, “How can this fellow do us any good?” They despised Saul and did not bring him any gifts.


Reread verses 17-19. What does Samuel say to the people? How would you describe his tone? When Samuel calls the people together, how is Saul selected (verses 20-22)? How are leaders selected within your community of faith?


Holy God, you empower us with the gift of your Spirit. Teach me to discern your ways, and help me to be guided by your teachings. Amen.

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1 Samuel 12:1-25: Samuel addresses the people.

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