Fear. Hope. The promise of a brighter tomorrow. New research from American Bible Society’s 2018 STATE OF THE BIBLE report reveals America’s latest opinions on the best-selling book of all time.

“We are finding the more engaged with the Bible someone is, the more hopeful and peaceful they are,” says American Bible Society president and CEO Roy Peterson.

Find out how the Bible’s message is influencing the relationships, decisions, and beliefs of people across the nation.
Download your free copy of the 2018 STATE OF THE BIBLE report today.

61%of bible engaged americans say they need the
Bible more than coffee to jumpstart their mornings
42%of Americans say they were more fearful today than they were 5 years ago but…
of Americans areHopeful about the future
FollowingBibleReadingAmericans are…
42% More generous
54% More loving towards one another
56% More willing to engage with their faith
After Americans
Read the Bible
The more they feel…

A desire to read the Bible

A belief that the Bible contains everything a person needs to live a meaningful life.

That the Bible has too little influence in the U.S. society.

That the bible is the moral fabric of the U.S. more than the constitution

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