God’s Word

Bringing Healing, Hope & New life


God’s Word For All People

God’s Word brings hope to hard-to-reach places. It crosses barriers of geography, translation, oppression and injustice.

Extending Worldwide Reach

Because of the faithful support of our partners, American Bible Society is helping to eradicate Bible poverty in all its forms. By working closely with the global Bible Society fellowship, we focus on regions of the world that desperately need God’s Word.

Latin America

God's Word Combating Domestic Violence

God is changing lives in Latin America through the “Read to Live” literacy program, which addresses the issue of domestic violence and empowers victims with Scripture-based tools adapted to their reading levels.

These much needed literacy resources were developed in partnership with five other Bible Societies: Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Panamá and Perú. In this program, participants learn to read and understand what’s going on in their lives, while also learning how to address the problems associated with domestic violence.

The Caribbean

God’s Word Empowering Women, Protecting Children

Building on the success in Latin America, a similar partnership involves the Caribbean Bible Societies: Suriname, Haiti, Netherlands Antilles and West Indies. As with Latin America, this cluster focuses on the power of God’s Word to address domestic violence. To that end, staff and volunteers have partnered with churches and various nonprofit organizations to sensitize the community through Scripture-based materials. They also are working with children, women and the police to eradicate domestic violence, and provide comfort and hope to victims.

Europe, Middle East, Indo China

Reading Plan Sparks Bible Engagement

We thank God for our global relationships with Bible Societies around the world. Because of our supporters, we were able to assist the West Balkan Partnership of Bible Societies to encourage Bible engagement in their churches. This partnership serves as a catalyst through which the Bible Societies will deliver a series of programs that help church members rediscover their passion for God’s Word and its relevance to today’s society. Specifically, the “I Read the Word” campaign is encouraging thousands of people to engage in a 30-day Bible reading plan—followed by a 100-day plan—that will lead people to live out the hope of Christ found in the pages of Scripture.


God's Word On TV In The Middle East

In a year marked by turbulence and change in the Middle East, the Bible Society of Lebanon continued its production of “The Bible is Yours,” a series of 45-minute episodes broadcast on secular and Christian satellite TV across Lebanon and the Arab world.

These programs, featuring testimonies of cultural leaders and discussion of current topics, are geared specifically for young people who need to hear the message of Christ. In addition, the Bible Society in Lebanon produced a “Year of the Bible” docudrama that was broadcast on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day last year. Combined, the productions reached millions of viewers.


God's Word Changing Young Hearts

In Cambodia, 50 percent of the population is under age 25, and many have seen attempts to eradicate their education and freedom. With God’s help, the Bible Society in Cambodia is equipping churches with Scripture resources for youth, helping them find value in God’s Word daily.

This past year, they reached out to more than 20,000 young people with Scripture through youth camps, concerts, Bible Sunday, a digital Bible and the Bible Society’s website.


Providing Bibles, Training Church Leaders

The people of China are so hungry for the Word of God. But they also need more trained church leaders to help them understand and apply God’s Word. With the help of our supporters and a solid relationship with the Chinese Church the Bible is transforming the lives of millions of Chinese Christians who long for the hope of the Gospel.

On Nov. 8, 2012, the Amity Printing Company in Nanjing celebrated the printing of its 100 millionth Bible. American Bible Society was a major stakeholder in the founding of Amity Printing Company, which was established as a joint venture of the United Bible Societies and Amity Foundation in 1988. Amity is the only government authorized printer of Bibles in China.

Further deepening this significant partnership with the Chinese Church, American Bible Society hosted a delegation from the Bishop’s Conference of the Catholic Church in China/Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association (CCPA). Bishop Guo Jincai, vice president of the CCPA, led the delegation. The group visited theological schools in Manhattan and Washington, D.C. to learn about programs and to assess the possibility of a faculty exchange.

Chinese pastors, priests and lay leaders face an urgent need for training, transportation and Scripture resources including Bibles. With the help of our supporters, American Bible Society also provided pictorial Bible stories for children, as well as literacy training for adults, to help thousands of Chinese learn to read and write using Scripture as the main text. Our priorities in China remain steady: rural Bible distribution, paper subsidies for Bible printing and Scripture provision to seminaries and schools. These efforts will continue to support the growth of the Chinese church.


God's Word For Marginalized Communities

The Bible Society of India (BSI) is a strong partner with rich history of excellent translation work. In order to help them reach more people with the hope of Jesus, American Bible Society joined BSI in the inauguration of its Shillong Translations Center by providing funding for much-needed building renovations. Shillong is located in Northeast India where people speak numerous minority languages. Of the 79 ongoing translations of BSI, half are handled from this translations center alone.

Through American Bible Society’s partnership with BSI, Bibles and age-appropriate Scripture selections were distributed to children through Vacation Bible Schools, Christian schools and orphanages. As a result, many children from other faiths attended and experienced the Gospel message found in Scripture.

Ministering to marginalized communities, particularly to those who cannot afford Bibles, as well as the persecuted church, remains a priority. BSI also implemented programs for at-risk women, and distributed Bibles to sick people in hospitals. Scripture Portions reached not only the Christian population in India, but also people from the major faith groups who seek hope and truth.

God is changing lives in Latin America through the “Read to Live” literacy program, which addresses the issue of domestic violence and empowers victims with Scripture-based tools adapted to their reading levels.

Literacy classes addressing domestic violence should be offered to women and men in separate classes to prioritize women’s safety while discussing the topic.

Ren’s Story

God’s Word spreads in China

Ren is a student at Henan Bible School—the only Bible school in this province of more than 90 million people. Each year, the school has approximately 500 applicants, but they only have the capacity to enroll 100 students each year.

For Ren, the training provided at Henan Bible School is critical. He wants to return to the rural areas of the province where he grew up to teach God’s Word as a pastor. He knows that in order to do that, he needs this solid biblical teaching and Bible resources. With support from our dedicated partners, Henan Bible School has been able to equip Ren for ministry.


End to End

  • This program in Africa integrates The JESUS film, Faith Comes by Hearing® listening groups and Bible distribution through our partners for one purpose: creating followers of Christ. A pilot program in Rwanda has borne great fruit.

  • 311 Showings of
    The JESUS film
  • 4430 Bibles distributed through the
    Bible Society of Rwanda
  • 67646 People grew in their understanding
    of Christ and his message

After more than 20 years of tireless and prayerful translating, reviewing and editing, a team in Bethel, Alaska finally completed the Yupik Bible translation in 2012.

God’s Word Goes Forth

For almost 200 years, American Bible Society has been passionate about making the Scriptures available in every tongue, to every nation on earth so that everyone has access to the Good News of Christ. With the Bible Society fellowship and the Nida Institute, which is our translation team, we advance global translation, helping share the Word of God with all.

Chinese Union Study Bible Series

Translation Reaches Modern Readers

Bible Translation requires communicating across languages and cultures. Only when people have access to God’s Word in their heart language can they truly experience the fullness of the Bible. That’s why the Chinese Union Study Bible is so important. It overcomes cultural challenges by using three running Chinese Scripture texts and extensive translational, exegetical, cultural and textual notes, along with color images, maps and short articles. It also supplies questions for devotional reflection, as well as small group discussion.

That way, modern readers can receive the Bible’s message of hope and salvation into their hearts and minds.

Choctaw Project

New Testament Provides Basis for Audio Recording

The Choctaw Project is based on the Choctaw Reservation in Mississippi. With support from the Nida Institute, the following books were finalized in 2012 and 2013: Ecclesiastes; Luke; John; Romans; 1 & 2 Corinthians; Philemon. The book of Matthew is in progress, and about 75 percent of the New Testament is completed. Nearly 8,000 Choctaw speakers live in Mississippi and about 10,000 in Oklahoma. Most of those speakers are bilingual, and potential readers may be several thousand. Most Choctaw can hear the Scriptures through audio formats. Our translation of the New Testament provides the basis for the recordings, so that the Choctaw people can hear the Word of God.

Lakota Project

Team Finishes Four Books of the Bible

The Lakota Project is based in Rapid City, S.D., and the team is composed of five native translators and one project manager. About 20,000 Lakota speakers live in South Dakota alone, 6,000 of whom are Lakota-only speakers. Further, more than 100,000 native Lakota people live in the United States. With support from the Nida Institute, the following books were finalized in 2012: Esther; Psalms 1-85; 1 & 2 Timothy; Titus. In addition, the books of Matthew and Mark are in progress, and about 65 percent of the New Testament is completed.

Through these books, the Lakota people will be able to read the Gospel message in their heart language.


20-Year Effort Culminates in New Translation

After more than 20 years of tireless and prayerful translating, reviewing and editing, a team in Bethel, Alaska finally completed the Yupik Bible translation in 2012. During its 20-plus years of work, the team of Yupik native speakers completed the Old Testament and fully revised the 1956 New Testament, which had fallen into disuse. Their revision of the New Testament included a thorough editing of language and concepts into a more contemporary style, thereby matching that of the freshly translated Old Testament.

The Nida Institute expects to publish the Yupik Bible shortly. The Moravian Church in Bethel has already begun planning the celebration of the launch and dedication of this Bible, which will be life-changing for this community.

Every Tribe Every Nation

  • As an alliance composed of the largest Bible agencies in the world, Every Tribe Every Nation seeks to make the Scriptures available in a Digital Bible Library™ to ensure that Bible Societies will have a standardized, digital format.

  • 180 Million people worldwide are waiting for God’s Word in their heart language
  • 583 Texts available in the Digital Bible Library by the end of 2013
  • 55% Increase in the upload of biblical texts in just one year (2013 vs. 2012)


God’s Word restoring broken lives

God’s Word brings life-changing hope that heals hearts and builds the faith of survivors of trauma and injustice.

Healing Trauma’s Wounds

Every day around the world millions of women, men and children suffer from the pain of war, sexual violence and abuse. But God works through his Word to heal these hearts devastated by atrocity. By leading people to Scripture in times of pain and suffering, we help them experience the grace, love and forgiveness that Jesus brings to the world.

Restoration Ministry

Equipping Churches with Trauma Healing

Many pastors and Christian leaders long to bring the Bible’s message of forgiveness and healing to people in their communities who desperately need this message. But they don’t know how. That’s why we equip churches and other organizations with holistic programs to help people encounter the healing power of God’s Word. This past fiscal year, more national Bible Societies added Bible-based trauma healing to their programs. And more churches, organizations and individuals are encountering the Bible’s power to restore hope in the face of endless suffering and trauma. They are responding by putting Scripture into action by caring and speaking for trauma survivors.

She's my sister

Fostering Hope in the Great Lakes Region of Africa

God longs for his people to know true healing and forgiveness found in Jesus Christ. In the Great Lakes region of Africa this need is particularly urgent due to decades of war and violence. Our flagship program, She’s My Sister™, brings Bible-based trauma healing to survivors of trauma in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, Uganda and Central African Republic. Other Bible-based trauma healing activities were implemented in Great Lakes Africa by partners in Burundi, Kenya and Rwanda. Together, we are working to care for survivors who need God’s hope and restoration.

Trauma healing institute

Building Foundations for Worldwide Healing

Bible-based trauma healing opens people’s hearts to experience the love of God. The Trauma Healing Institute (THI) helps Bible Societies and other faith-based institutions design and manage effective Bible-based trauma healing ministries.

During the past year, THI released the book, Healing the Wounds of Trauma, in a revised edition in English and Spanish (available at Bibles.com). The French edition is at press.

Healing the Wounds of Trauma is the book upon which our entire Bible-based trauma healing work is based. The book also was translated and published in two languages by the Bible Society of Sri Lanka, and a group of trained facilitators started outreach to communities in this war-torn country.

THI also has begun trauma healing work in Central African Republic, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Ecuador, Rwanda, Burundi, and with Spanish-speaking communities in the U.S. Southwest and Mexico.

In addition, THI held its second global Community of Practice. This gathering of 67 participants from 28 organizations world-wide shared best practices in biblical trauma care.

Bible-based trauma healing opens people’s hearts to experience the love of God. The Trauma Healing Institute helps Bible Societies and other faith-based institutions design and manage effective Bible-based trauma healing ministries.

Suzanne’s Story

God Word brings healing

Suzanne Gimitinite knows how anger and pain can prevent someone from functioning in daily life. She was once abducted by the notorious Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in the eastern part of Democratic Republic of the Congo.

But Suzanne also knows that fear and despair do not need to last forever. God has used His Word in her own life to bring healing and hope, even as militias continue to cause havoc in the countryside around her.

Now Suzanne is so passionate about the power of God’s Word in the midst of trauma that she has begun to train the community around her, using American Bible Society’s trauma healing curriculum. Now, God is using Suzanne’s pain to help heal those around her.


She’s my Sister Impact Zone

  • Bearing

    The number of trauma healing locations funded in the Great Lakes region of Africa has expanded from 23 to 120 in fiscal year 2013, testifying that God’s healing Word is active and alive in this region.

  • 77 People

    The “Sister Circles” women’s volunteer network hosted a gathering in New York City to commemorate International Women’s Day, introducing 77 people to the Bible’s power to restore and heal lives.

  • 18,000 People

    The holistic Scripture and food program in Dungu and Goma, coming into its final year, has served more than 18,000 widows and orphans. The women have taken leadership roles, spreading God’s healing in their communities.

  • 18 Bike for

    Eighteen riders of all ages cycled through the Southeast and the Great Lakes region of the United States to champion the cause of She’s My Sister. The riders also began and completed a Scripture-based Journey along the way.

Renewing Hope at Home

God often uses Scripture to offer courage and strength to those who face economic difficulties and devastation from natural disasters. We know, too, that the Bible can help children learn to read. As they gain skill in reading, they learn about God’s profound love for humanity, strengthening their understanding and faith.

Bread Today

Entering a Broken World with God's Word

In the Bible, Jesus provided for people’s spiritual needs and physical needs. Through Bread Today, we work with dedicated partners to replicate this model—ensuring that the spiritual food of the Bible is delivered together with the basic necessities. This year we continued our work with Operation Compassion by embracing more than 200,000 families who were discouraged, food insecure, homeless or victims of disasters. During this last fiscal year, we conducted more than 150 outreaches in the Appalachia region of West Virginia, Corbin, Ky., and Oneida, Tenn.—places where unemployment rates far exceed the national average.

Through these efforts, families received the help and hope they desperately needed.

This holistic project included God’s Word, food, relief services, skills training and medical care. Local churches encouraged people to connect to ministries to help them deal with stress, family issues and high unemployment.

After Hurricane Sandy, Operation Compassion and ABS mobilized a network of local churches in New York and New Jersey to provide Scripture, along with food, drinking water, cleaning supplies and clothing for storm victims. More than 768,000 pounds of relief goods were delivered to storm victims as the body of Christ worked together to provide for the needs of body and soul.

Working alongside Operation Compassion, we allocated 100,000 God Is Our Shelter and Strength Scripture Portions developed for victims of national disasters. In addition to offering the urgent message of God’s guidance during tough times, the Scripture Portions included practical tips on what to do during the first 72 hours of a natural disaster. Local churches provided trained chaplains to help people deal with the psychological toll of the storm’s aftermath.

After Hurricane Sandy, Operation Compassion and ABS mobilized a network of local churches in New York and New Jersey to provide Scripture, along with food, drinking water, cleaning supplies and clothing for storm victims. More than 768,000 pounds of relief goods were delivered to storm victims.

Mission: Literacy

  • Mission: Literacy™ is a multicultural, 16-week, Scripture-based literacy curriculum. Along with learning to read, children earned better grades, attended school more regularly, and improved their behavior in school.

  • 67 Salvation Army Corps conducted biblical education
  • 552 Tutoring groups in 40 states used Mission: Literacy curriculum to mentor young lives
  • 2979 Children learned to read God’s Word


God’s Word Transforming Church & Culture

God’s Word crosses cultural channels where the Bible lacks a strong voice. Its reach extends to today’s churches and social spaces, inviting millions to renew their engagement with God.

The Church's One Foundation

God’s Word is the solid rock upon which the Church stands. American Bible Society is passionate about helping the Church in America stay true to its foundation. To that end, we maintain strong church networks and reach leaders with Bible resources and engagement programs. In doing so, we strengthen the role God’s Word plays among millions of Christians of all denominations. Our interconfessional reach ensures that all have the opportunity to experience the Bible’s life-changing message.


Strengthening Bible Engagement

American Bible Society and the New York City Leadership Center gathered and trained leadership teams from America’s largest cities so they can serve more effectively through collaborative and prayerful partnerships. More than 1,487 church leaders from 250 cities gathered for Movement Day to make the case for Scripture, prayer and joint service among Christians. Church leaders and representatives of city movements were challenged to engage with God’s Word and pray for 30 minutes each day thereafter.

Through a partnership with Concerts of Prayer Greater New York and the New York City Leadership Center, American Bible Society developed Now is the Time: Acts. This 30-day Bible campaign focused on the book of Acts, inviting churches to read through it communally as they prayed about how to live out the message of Christ in their everyday lives. The Acts Journey offers tracks for adults, youth and children. Companion materials include reading planners, discussion guides and sermon outlines. Churches across America participated, resulting in 93,436 people who journeyed through Now is the Time: Acts.

Willow Creek Association and American Bible Society formed a partnership to assist leaders in strengthening their Scripture engagement efforts. Through our strong partnership with Willow Creek Association, we connected with more than 65,000 U.S. ministry leaders, who represent various denominations, cultures, ethnicities and workplaces.

American Bible Society and Willow Creek also collaborated to bring Scripture resources to leaders to help them effectively engage their congregations with God’s Word. The training tool was designed to challenge leaders to rethink the way they engage with Scripture and make Scripture engagement the center of their ministries.

Catholic Ministries

Highlighting Scripture Through Education

Catholic Ministries has intensified American Bible Society’s flagship program for the Catholic Church—Lectio Divina—for adults and youth. This program is helping Catholics across the country dive deeper into the story of hope and salvation found in Scripture. In the past fiscal year, we held 20 Lectio Divina training workshops. Our manual on Lectio Divina has been translated by the Libreria Editrice Vaticana, the Vatican publishing arm. It is now available in Italian, and all three versions (English and Spanish) are now carried there.

Our efforts to offer scholarly biblical education for Catholic leadership continue through our Bible Summit program. More than 500 participants attended the annual northeast regional summit in New York. Prominent scholars in the field of biblical studies presented at the event, which we cosponsored with the Archdiocese of New York. The keynote speakers were The Reverend James Martin and Colombia’s Cardinal Ruben Salazar.

In other highlights, 250 leaders from around the country attended the Catholic Association of Latino Leaders Annual Convention in Miami. The speakers at this three-day conference were the Papal Nuncio of the United States, His Excellency, Carlo Maria Vigano; the Archbishop of Los Angeles, Jose Gomez; and His Eminence, Sean Cardinal O’Malley, Archbishop of Boston. As cosponsors of the event, we presented a workshop on Lectio Divina.

Other regional highlights include the Catholic Clergy Convocation in Florida. We sponsored this event and presented on Verbum Domini, a Papal exhortation from Pope Benedict XVI. This document underscores the centrality of God’s Word in the life and mission of the Catholic Church.

American Bible Society also presented on biblical Catholic resources at the three-day event, “New York Encounter: An Annual Convocation of Catholic College Students in Manhattan.” Finally, we welcomed Cardinal Ruben Salazar, a distinguished prelate of the Roman Catholic Church, to speak at American Bible Society’s headquarters in New York.

Greek Orthodox

Reading Plan Sparks Bible Engagement

The Archbishop Iakovos Leadership 100 Endowment Fund approved a grant of $50,000 to create and publish an Orthodox Wedding and Family Bible designed in the Orthodox tradition. Because these family Bibles are produced in Greece, many parishes in the United States distribute Protestant-based Bibles to Orthodox couples being married in the Greek Orthodox Church.

Funds will be used to license the Revised Standard Version English-language text; an initial print run of 8,000 copies is planned. The Archdiocese Department of Family and Ministry will collaborate with us on a projected publication date shortly.

In July 2012, we sent two delegates from the Greek Ministry team to attend the Biennial Clergy-Laity Congress in Phoenix. Sponsored by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, this Congress gathers religious and lay leaders from around the United States.

The conference theme, “Chosen and Appointed by God to Go and Bear Fruit,” has been central to the ABS-Greek Orthodox Archdiocese partnership, which created and distributed many Greek Orthodox Scripture resources.

More than 1,200 participants and 330 parishes from across the United States attended, including a representative from The Ecumenical Patriarchate. The event provided greater insight into National Greek Orthodox Ministries, as well as the administrative and legislative process of the Archdiocese. We had a booth at the event, which enabled our team to speak about our work with the Greek Orthodox community.

Bible engagement is on the decline. But through partnerships with church leaders, such as Bill Hybels at Willow Creek, and Bible reading campaigns, we are strengthening the role God’s Word plays in the lives of believers.

Through our strong partnership with Willow Creek Association, we connected with more than 65,000 U.S. ministry leaders, who represent various denominations, cultures, ethnicities and workplaces.

Pope Francis’ popularity has sparked renewed interest among lapsed Catholics, who are now returning to the Church and the sacraments.

In April, ASM released the E100 Military Catholic Bibles. Within three hours of that release, more than 4,000 copies were ordered, with the entire 10,000 copies expended in one week.

A Soldier’s Story

God’s Word heals the wounds of war

“I can’t tell you what an impact it is to share God’s Word when you’re about to lock and load your rifle. There’s just something about the eternal. Questions are asked, as you go [through] your mission brief.... ‘What will happen to me if I die? Have I been a good husband? Have I been a good wife? Have I been a good father? Will I serve my country, and more importantly, my battle buddies, during this mission? And again, what happens if I die?”

“As you wait there, and wait there, for your time to leave, there are opportunities to go down that line and talk to people, planting the seeds God has given us. He has given us a hope that lies within us, one that will not return void. It is a hope that is true for them, just as it is true for us. We get to share it. We get to be that light and that salt, and melt those spiritual barriers. And, win people to God’s Kingdom.”

– Former Infantry Officer, United States Army


Honoring the past, securing the future.

With God’s help and the prayerful support of millions of Americans, American Bible Society has supplied the U.S. Military with God’s Word for nearly two centuries. We continue this rich heritage, knowing that Scripture fortifies our active-duty men and women, as well as our veterans, when and where they need it the most. We also invite millions to explore the Bible through social media, digital tools and advocacy efforts.

Military and Veterans

God's Word at Home and Abroad

America’s heroes deserve our very best. And our Armed Services Ministry (ASM), with its strong network of military chaplains, believes the military and veteran chaplains we serve should have the best Scripture resources available. With support from our partners, American Bible Society creates customized Bible resources that bring God’s Word to the brave men and women in all branches of the U.S. military.

This past fiscal year, ASM continued to respond to a widespread request from our chaplains for compact Military E100 Bibles in the English Standard Version (ESV)—the translation of choice for these particular chaplains. These ESV Bibles will be an invaluable support to our chaplains, some of whom have no religious support material.

In April, ASM released the E100 Military Catholic Bibles. Within three hours of that release, more than 4,000 copies were ordered, with the entire 10,000 copies expended in one week. We had to print 20,000 more to meet demand. This Military Catholic Bible is now the official Bible at the Air Force Academy, as well as the Military Academy at West Point.

Our large-print Military Bibles continue to be a blessing. This past fiscal year saw a significantly higher demand for these Bibles embossed with the appropriate unit crest. We also have received encouraging letters, informing us that the E100 Military Bibles continue to be an effective ministry tool for Christian discipleship.

ReZilient Life, our web-based initiative to connect with military teens, continues toward completion, thanks to our partnership with Military Community Youth Ministries. The ReZilient Life website is replete with biblical messages, Scripture verses, videos, music and other interactive media designed specifically to reach military youth with the message of Jesus. This site will continue to expand as we address even more teen issues with God’s Word.

The God Understands booklets, written by veteran chaplains, explore the eight spiritual injuries most commonly experienced by military veterans. This year, the large-print and audio versions continue to be in high demand.

Our partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs took on new significance when we learned that we are the sole source for religious material for the VA. We thank God for the continued partnership with VA and our supporters who are making the hope of Christ available to America’s heroes.

Social Media

Engaging Online Communities With God's Word

God’s Word continues to reach more and more people through the power of social media. This year, we increased our engagement efforts in social media by opening new channels for people to engage and share God’s Word online. Growth in Tumblr and Instagram is helping us reach new generations with the life-changing message of the Bible. Videos showcasing American Bible Society’s ministry can be viewed on our YouTube channel, and we are beginning to provide audio clips of God’s Word on SoundCloud to help people connect with Scripture in new ways.

Engagement on Facebook and Twitter continues to grow, with nearly 5 million unique users discovering God’s Word and sharing it with others.

This past fiscal year, we offered two new spaces for Spanish speakers:

Biblia y Oración reaches the Spanish-speaking community on Facebook and Twitter with ministry and Bible engagement news and posts.

And in a joint effort with the United Bible Societies, we revitalized the Bible Facebook page, renaming it the Digital Bible. Followers of this page will have opportunities to engage God’s Word digitally.

Bible Search

A Powerful Tool to Search Scripture

More and more people are searching for God’s Word online. American Bible Society’s Bible Search tool now contains 524 Bible versions covering more than 420 languages. Advanced searching techniques help users find what they’re looking for, even if the exact phrase doesn’t directly appear in the Bible. Terms, such as “Christmas” and “Eucharist” now produce relevant results.

Bible Search also played a key role in accelerating ongoing translation projects. In March 2013, the Gospel of Mark in the Nsenga language went live on our Bible Search tool.

Native readers had the opportunity to immediately engage with the new translation, long before traditional methods would have made this possible. We are thankful to our partners and supporters who have helped make God’s Word available to so many people around the world.

Check out this tool at Bibles.org.

Journey Maker

Allowing Churches to Create Online Custom Devotionals

Based on the success of the original Journeys site of American Bible Society, we created Journey Maker. This tool allows churches and other ministries to create their own sites with online custom devotionals. These daily devotionals, which can be delivered via SMS or email, include Bible passages and text, as well as audio and video.

American Bible Society partnered with the Jesus Culture Conference in Los Angeles to provide attendees with opportunities to engage with the Bible for 30 days after the conference with Journey Maker. The response was overwhelming, with nearly 63 percent of all attendees signing up to receive the ongoing Jesus Culture Challenge Journey.

Start your journey today. Visit JourneyMaker.org.


Simple Approach to Daily Bible Reading

Bible Minded

Scripture Memorization Made Easy

This is American Bible Society’s first mobile app designed to help people memorize Scripture through reminders, flash cards, fill-in-the-blank and other memorization tools.

Our prayer is that, through this innovative tool, the life-changing words of Scripture will be rooted in the hearts and minds of believers everywhere.

Start memorizing Scripture today at BibleMindedApp.com.

Culture-centric Service

  • Who
    we are

    Multi-Language Ministries (MLM), a unique outreach of ABS, creates culture-specific programs, materials and new media that minister to non-English-speaking people residing in the United States.

  • Training

    MLM hosted Descubre la Biblia™ Engagement Seminars and Biblical Seminars in various cities around the country, introducing interdenominational leaders to ABS’ Bible engagement initiatives.

  • On the

    Descubre la Biblia™ Radio Bible Advocacy, via Palabra Eficaz and 24 Hours with the Bible radio broadcasts, served as a catalyst for the Bible in the United States and around the world.

  • In

    MLM published and distributed the following resources: Libro de Apocalipsis en 4 versiones, 2013 Daily Bible Reading Guide in Spanish and Ten Traits for Confident Living, a Scripture Portion.

Supporting Our Work Here & Abroad

Through our research, Scripture provision, translation and training teams, we strengthen our mission and share God’s Word, which is profound, powerful and life-changing.

Global Scripture Impact

Global Scripture Impact (GSI) continues to provide American Bible Society and its donors with research to develop and fund effective, Scripture-based programs around the world.

GSI uses highly experienced U.S.-based staff, as well as consultants in the field. These experts research and evaluate the projects of ABS and its partners—projects that have affected more than 30 million lives.

Among highlights last year, GSI provided ABS with reports on Bible projects in more than 40 countries, researched projects for six sister Bible Societies, offered technical input for ongoing development of the United Bible Societies Fellowship and conducted the annual assessment of Every Tribe Every Nation.


Bibles.com is the Scripture publishing, provision and licensing unit within American Bible Society. Last fiscal year, Bibles.com connected more than 30 million people with God’s Word.

Working with the United Bible Societies Fellowship, Bibles.com introduced more than 81 new Bibles and Scripture resources in print, audio, e-book and digital formats.

Among highlights, Bibles.com developed a mobile app (English and Spanish) for children 7 and under to learn and engage with God’s Word. Bibles.com also created 24 unique customized Bibles, including the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Bible, and 27,000 paperback Bibles for the triennial LCMS National Youth Gathering in San Antonio, Texas. It also provided 1 million Spanish-language Bibles and New Testaments.

Through the licensing of the RVR 1960, CEV and GNT Bible versions, Bibles.com authorized the provision of more than 28 million Scripture resources by Christian and secular publishers and ministries.

Nida Institute for Biblical Scholarship

The Nida Institute for Biblical Scholarship undergirds ABS’ work with the highest standard of Scripture integrity. The Nida Institute pursues its commitment to serve the Bible Society fellowship and Every Tribe Every Nation by coordinating and facilitating training events. Such events continue in Misano, Italy, and have expanded to Greece, West Africa, and, soon, to Central America and India.

Last fiscal year, a multi-agency collaboration began with a focus on developing a distance-learning ecosystem. This concept involves multi-user contributions that stretch the learning experience beyond a teacher-student to a student-student interaction of sharing and learning. Contributors can upload content and post inquiries for the virtual community.

In collaboration with UBS translation, the Nida Institute inaugurated the Nida School of Bible Translation in May 2013. Key partners—SIL, The Seed Company, Bible League International and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary—also are participating.

Nida Institute’s scholarly publishing program focused on working with authors to assure the development of high-quality manuscripts for new titles in the History of Bible Translation series.

This past fiscal year also saw the culmination of Nida Institute’s four-year collaboration with the Society of Biblical Literature to mark the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible.

The resulting volume, King James Version at 400: Assessing Its Genius As Bible Translation and Its Literary Influence, is now available.

Last fiscal year, Bibles.com connected more than 30 million people with God’s Word.

Advocacy: Creating Conversations,
Building Communities Across America


Statement of Activities

For the year ended June 30, 2013 ($ millions)

Scripture sales7.97.9
Net investment return and valuation changes35.05.240.2
Net assets released from restrictions13.3(13.3)
Total Revenues92.38.1100.4
Program servicesUnrestrictedRestricted*Total
   Domestic outreach43.543.5
   International outreach30.230.2
   Total Program services73.773.7
Support services
Total Expenses91.691.6
Change in Net Assets 2012$0.7$8.1$8.8
Net Assets, beginning of year323.965.6389.5
Net Assets, end of year$324.6$73.7$398.3

*Includes Temporarily and Permanently restricted net assets

Downloads of the American Bible Society financial information (Form 990s) are available at AmericanBible.org. As required by the Internal Revenue Service, audited financial statements (the source for this summarized presentation) are available upon request, as well as on the American Bible Society website.

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