Share the hope of God’s Word when disaster strikes

You’ve seen it in the headlines or maybe you or your loved ones have lived it — the unspeakable horrors of a disaster. Lives can be shattered in an instant by an earthquake, tsunami, tornado, civil unrest or other life-threatening emergency. When the world collapses around them, people need the hope only found in God’s Word.

That’s why, with the help of friends like you, American Bible Society has placed God’s Word into the hands and hearts of hurting people as well as provided food, blankets, medicine and water to some of the world’s most troubled regions. But there are so many more in need of the spiritual healing that only the Bible can give. We never know when or where disaster will strike. Will you give today so we can be ready to act wherever needed? Just $5 or more will help us give someone desperate for hope the comfort of God’s Word and other critically needed help.