What We Do

American Bible Society brings God's Word where Needed Most

We long for a world where each and every generation wholeheartedly embraces God's Word, where the hopes of 125 million young people here in America and millions more across the globe are transformed by the living hope found in the Bible. Join us to help make this dream a reality.

How We Do This

We approach this mission in three ways:


God's Word Reaching Millions Still Waiting

We deliver God’s Word to hard-to-reach places, bringing hope across barriers of geography, translation, oppression and injustice. Accelerated by new tools, translation and technology, we are committed to eradicating Bible poverty in all of its forms through:

  • Regional priorities within Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East
  • Rapid digital access through our Every Tribe Every Nation alliance
  • New translation training


God's Word Restoring Broken Lives

We bring the life-changing hope of God's Word to help heal the hearts and build the new faith of survivors of trauma and injustice across the globe. Embedded within the work of today's best physical and community relief efforts, we bring the healing power of God's Word to:

  • America's impoverished youth
  • Young mothers and orphans
  • Victims of war and atrocity


God's Word Transforming Church and Culture

We bring God's Word to cultural channels where the Bible lacks a strong voice and extend new reach within today's leading churches, inviting millions to reconsider and renew their engagement with God's Word. We are committed to bringing a renaissance for God's Word here in America by:

  • Inviting millions to explore the Bible through digital and social media channels
  • Mobilizing nationwide media
  • Providing Bible resources to churches across the nation
  • Developing new digital tools to unlock the hope of God's Word.