American Bible Society

What We Do

We provide God’s Word to hard-to-reach places, bringing hope across barriers of geography, translation, oppression and injustice. We bring the restorative words of Scripture to heal and build the new faith of survivors of trauma and injustice across the globe. In addition, we grow engagement where the Bible lacks a strong voice, inviting millions to reconsider and renew their relationship with God's Word.

International Ministry

We work with a network of Bible Societies around the world to advance the mission of changing lives through God’s Word.


We’re responding in profound ways to the need of the people of Africa for the messages of hope and healing found in God’s Word.


Our ministry in Asia covers a wide range of projects that aim to meet the Bible needs of Church and lay leaders, the next generation and the marginalized and those unable to hear the Gospel in their own language.


Supporting people affected by domestic violence is a major focus of ABS ministry work in Haiti, Netherlands Antilles, Suriname and West Indies. Programs equip spiritual leaders, members of faith communities and all people concerned with family violence with tools they need to help victims of abuse.

Eastern Europe

Carrying out God’s work in sharing the Bible’s message around the world, our ministry in Eastern Europe primarily focuses on translation projects.

Latin America

Through its ministry work in Latin America, ABS communicates Christian principles based in Scripture to help people strengthen their lives by developing a relationship with Jesus.

Middle East

To support the spiritual needs of Christians in the Middle East, ABS ministries contribute to Scripture-based programs and digital resources

Areas of Focus

We have identified key areas of outreach that bear out our commitment to eradicating Bible poverty, restoring broken lives and transforming church and culture through God’s Word.

Armed Services Ministry

Through our Armed Services Ministry, ABS helps to meet the critical spiritual needs of our nation's military by providing customized ministry programs and Scripture resources.

Church Ministry

By developing interconfessional relationships, we work with a wide range of churches to inspire them to grow Bible engagement within their congregations.

Multi-Language Ministry

Our Multi-Language Ministry creates culture-specific programs, materials and new media that minister to non-English-speaking persons in the U.S. and help them engage the Bible in their heart language.

Trauma Healing

The Trauma Healing Institute of ABS provides Bible-based trauma healing programs to equip local churches to care for people with deep emotional and spiritual injuries caused by war, domestic violence, natural disasters and other traumatic events.

Youth and Children

Our work with youth and children reaches around the world as we aim to provide God’s Word, restore broken spirits with Scripture and engage the next generation with the Bible.