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Freedom Bible

Freedom Bible

Across the pages of God's Word, one word echos so powerfully: Freedom.

It is God's bold promise found on almost every page. It is the heartbeat of prophets, priests and kings. It is the invitation of the cross. It is waiting for each of us.

Discover the truth that sets you free in this new thematic Bible. With 3,500 highlighted verses and a unique Core Study Section, the promises and challenges of God's Freedom come to life here like never before. This Bibe is beautifully designed for all those struggling-- seeking answers amidst suffering, grief, and loss.

These pages also uncover the deeper calling waiting for each of us, to live fully within the wondrous freedom of Christ. Jesus said, “the truth will set you free.” Open this book and find out what he meant.

“Our age, perhaps more than ever, demands we rid the world of injustice,
right inequality and rebuff our insignificance. Yet the ultimate source of true freedom
has never changed – Jesus Christ. His words, and those highlighted throughout
these pages, offer us a clear and hopeful vision for what could be.”

-Gabe Lyons Founder of Q Ideas, Author of The Next Christians

“The Freedom Bible spells out what it means for us to accept God’s gift
of freedom, and it is a Bible to energize and transform the lives of the
captive and those fighting for freedom.”

-Commissioner Christine MacMillan The Salvation Army


Freedom Bible