Cuba: Million Bible Mission

 Cuba: Million Bible Mission, Actively Responding to Growth in Christianity

Not many people know it, but Christianity in Cuba is growing rapidly! Yet there are few Bibles, and most people here cannot afford one even if they can find one. Easing of tensions between the United States and Cuba after fifty years offers an unprecedented opportunity for the Church, and American Bible Society and our partners are poised to help.

American Bible Society already has strong relationships with Cuban churches, Catholic and Protestant. Last year, we began the “Million Bible Mission” to bring a million Bibles to this island nation over three years. In 2014, the government allowed our church partners to import and distribute the first 60,000 Bibles.

You can help accelerate this ambitious project. It costs $5.00 to print, ship and distribute a Bible anywhere in Cuba—whether Havana or the most remote village. You can help Cubans discover the life and love of Jesus found in God’s Word.

Cuba Today

With a population of 11 million, a literacy rate of nearly 100 percent and an unprecedented growth in Christianity thanks to social, economic and political reforms, many Cubans are seeking guidance and hope found in God’s Word. As a result of this unprecedented spiritual and cultural shift, demand for Bibles and engagement resources has outpaced supply. In addition, many Cubans cannot afford to import high-quality Bibles.

Our Response

American Bible Society is addressing this crucial need through the Cuba: Million Bible Mission. Through this three-year initiative, generations of Christians will have access to Bibles to help them cultivate a deeper relationship with Jesus.

American Bible Society’s Cuba: Million Bible Mission will reach five distinct audiences: school-aged children receiving their first Bible; teens and college-age youth; adult new believers; prisoners; and seminary students and clergy. Thanks to this critical program, Cuban children, youth and adults will experience the saving knowledge of Christ. By providing Church leaders and seminarians with Bibles and Scripture resources, even more people will experience the transformative power of God’s love for us.

 Cuba: Million Bible Mission, Actively Responding to Growth in Christianity
 Cuba: Million Bible Mission
Cuba: Million Bible Mission, Actively Responding to Growth in Christianity


The year-one goals of the project are to supply nearly 400,000 Bibles
and related materials to the many Cubans longing to strengthen their
relationship with God through his Word and to offer nine Bible
engagement seminars. So far, our faithful financial partners have pledged $324,000 to the project and we have delivered 60,000 Bibles. The
financial goal for the mission is $5 million.

As the Cuba: Million Bible Mission progresses, it will support the
emerging Christian faith in the country and help generations of Cubans
enjoy a growing bond with Jesus Christ.

To make a financial commitment or find out more information, please
email Tom Grimm at