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August 21, 2022

Genesis 43:1-14(GNT)

God’s Renewing Word of Mercy and Forgiveness


Genesis 43:1-14: The famine in Canaan worsens, and Jacob tells his sons to return to Egypt to buy more grain. Judah persuades Jacob to let them return with Benjamin.

Scripture Reading

Joseph’s Brothers Return to Egypt with Benjamin

43 The famine in Canaan got worse, 2 and when the family of Jacob had eaten all the grain which had been brought from Egypt, Jacob said to his sons, “Go back and buy a little food for us.”

3 Judah said to him, “The man sternly warned us that we would not be admitted to his presence unless we had our brother with us. 4 If you are willing to send our brother with us, we will go and buy food for you. 5 If you are not willing, we will not go, because the man told us we would not be admitted to his presence unless our brother was with us.”

6 Jacob said, “Why did you cause me so much trouble by telling the man that you had another brother?”

7 They answered, “The man kept asking about us and our family, ‘Is your father still living? Do you have another brother?’ We had to answer his questions. How could we know that he would tell us to bring our brother with us?”

8 Judah said to his father, “Send the boy with me, and we will leave at once. Then none of us will starve to death. 9 I will pledge my own life, and you can hold me responsible for him. If I do not bring him back to you safe and sound, I will always bear the blame. 10 If we had not waited so long, we could have been there and back twice by now.”

11 Their father said to them, “If that is how it has to be, then take the best products of the land in your packs as a present for the governor: a little resin, a little honey, spices, pistachio nuts, and almonds. 12 Take with you also twice as much money, because you must take back the money that was returned in the top of your sacks. Maybe it was a mistake. 13 Take your brother and return at once. 14 May Almighty God cause the man to have pity on you, so that he will give Benjamin and your other brother back to you. As for me, if I must lose my children, I must lose them.”

Today’s Key Verse: Genesis 43:14a

[Jacob said:] “May Almighty God cause the man to have pity on you, so that he will give Benjamin and your brother back to you.”


What did Judah say to Jacob to convince him to let Benjamin return to Egypt with them? How did Jacob respond? Reread verse 11. Bringing gifts to someone who had superior power or position was an ancient custom. What gifts did Jacob send with his sons?


Gracious God, you are the true source of life. You move and act in ways that are beyond my understanding. I place my hope in you, trusting in your goodness and wisdom. I thank and praise you for your constant faithfulness. Amen.

Tomorrow’s Reading

Genesis 43:15-34: Joseph prepares a feast for his brothers.

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