God’s Word Shows Us How to Experience the Power of Prayer!

God loves to hear from you. But sometimes we aren’t praying as much as we should — or we need to get out of a rut. Whatever distractions or challenges you’re facing, you can always renew your prayer life. Prayer is essential and powerful . . .

  • God is always waiting to connect with you heart to heart
  • The Holy Spirit gives strength, wisdom, and grace to help you pray
  • Jesus left you a model of prayer to follow as you seek God

3 Steps to Enrich Your Prayer Journey

Don’t go another day without experiencing the depth of relationship you can have with God through prayer. We want to help you engage in heartfelt conversation with Him.

STEP 1: Revitalize Your Prayer Life

Connect with God in new and exciting ways through the beautiful art of prayer. We’ve created two free resources — Prayer Matters and Praying Through Anxiety — to help.

STEP 2: Share Prayer Resources

When you experience God on a deeper level through prayer, you cannot keep it to yourself! Tell your friends and family about our helpful prayer guides via social media or email.

STEP 3: Prayer Unites Our Hearts

Jesus promises He is with us when two or more gather in His name in prayer. Let our staff lift up your requests to the Father!