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March 15, 2022

Psalm 60(GNT)

God’s Renewing Word of Prayer


Psalm 60: Today’s reading is a psalm attributed to David, written during his wars with the Arameans of northern Syria (see 2 Samuel 8:3-8, 13; 10:15-19; 1 Chronicles 18:3-11). Arameans is another name for the people of Syria, Israel’s traditional enemy to the northeast. The psalm suggests that the people of Israel have been defeated by a foreign nation, perhaps Edom (verse 9). The psalm concludes with an expression of trust in God.

Scripture Reading

A Prayer for Deliverance

1You have rejected us, God, and defeated us;

you have been angry with us—but now turn back to us.

2You have made the land tremble, and you have cut it open;

now heal its wounds, because it is falling apart.

3You have made your people suffer greatly;

we stagger around as though we were drunk.

4You have warned those who have reverence for you,

so that they might escape destruction.

5Save us by your might; answer our prayer,

so that the people you love may be rescued.

6From his sanctuary God has said,

“In triumph I will divide Shechem

and distribute Sukkoth Valley to my people.

7Gilead is mine, and Manasseh too;

Ephraim is my helmet

and Judah my royal scepter.

8But I will use Moab as my washbowl,

and I will throw my sandals on Edom,

as a sign that I own it.

Did the Philistines think they would shout in triumph over me?”

9Who, O God, will take me into the fortified city?

Who will lead me to Edom?

10Have you really rejected us?

Aren’t you going to march out with our armies?

11Help us against the enemy;

human help is worthless.

12With God on our side we will win;

he will defeat our enemies.

Today’s Key Verse: Psalm 60:5

Save us by your might; answer our prayer, so that the people you love may be rescued.


In verses 1-5, what does the writer say to God? How would you describe what the writer is feeling? Have you ever experienced times in your life when you prayed to God for deliverance from what may have been troubling you?


All-Powerful God, you are triumphant over all forces of evil. Salvation rests in you alone. Hear my prayer this day, and keep me close to you always in the safety of your love. In your holy name I pray. Amen.

Tomorrow’s Reading

Psalm 61: Finding safety with God.

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