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July 1, 2021

Hebrews 7:15-28(GNT)

God’s Word of Faith


Hebrews 7:15-28: In yesterday’s reading we learned that Jesus became “a high priest forever, in the priestly order of Melchizedek” (6:20), which is repeated in today’s reading (7:17) and quoted from Psalm 110:4. God sent Jesus to make a new agreement with God’s people. In it God makes a new promise that goes beyond the promises God gave to Moses and the people of Israel. The old agreement was based on the Law, but the new agreement is based on Christ’s sacrifice to take away sins.

Scripture Reading

Another Priest, like Melchizedek

15The matter becomes even plainer; a different priest has appeared, who is like Melchizedek. 16He was made a priest, not by human rules and regulations, but through the power of a life which has no end. 17 For the scripture says, “You will be a priest forever, in the priestly order of Melchizedek.” 18The old rule, then, is set aside, because it was weak and useless. 19For the Law of Moses could not make anything perfect. And now a better hope has been provided through which we come near to God.

20In addition, there is also God’s vow. There was no such vow when the others were made priests. 21 But Jesus became a priest by means of a vow when God said to him,

“The Lord has made a solemn promise

and will not take it back:

‘You will be a priest forever.’”

22This difference, then, also makes Jesus the guarantee of a better covenant.

23There is another difference: there were many of those other priests, because they died and could not continue their work. 24But Jesus lives on forever, and his work as priest does not pass on to someone else. 25And so he is able, now and always, to save those who come to God through him, because he lives forever to plead with God for them.

26Jesus, then, is the High Priest that meets our needs. He is holy; he has no fault or sin in him; he has been set apart from sinners and raised above the heavens. 27 He is not like other high priests; he does not need to offer sacrifices every day for his own sins first and then for the sins of the people. He offered one sacrifice, once and for all, when he offered himself. 28The Law of Moses appoints men who are imperfect to be high priests; but God’s promise made with the vow, which came later than the Law, appoints the Son, who has been made perfect forever.

Today’s Key Verse: Hebrews 7:26a

Jesus, then, is the High Priest that meets our needs. He is holy; he has no fault or sin in him.


In biblical times, priests made sacrifices as an act of thanksgiving and to seek God’s forgiveness for the sins of the people. According to verses 20-28, what is the difference between the sacrifice Jesus offered and the ones offered by the priests and high priests of Israel? What does Jesus’s sacrifice mean to you?


Holy Jesus, you are the High Priest that meets our needs, and you have been made perfect forever. Thank you for the sacrifice you made so that I might receive forgiveness of my sins and eternal life with you. You save those who come to God through you because you live forever and plead with God for us. Amen.

Tomorrow’s Reading

Hebrews 8:1-13: The covenant Jesus arranged between God and his people is better than the first covenant.

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