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September 29, 2021

Job 27:1-23(GNT)

God’s Word of Wisdom


Job 27:1-23: The story of Job is the story of a good man who suffers total disasters – he loses all his children and property and is afflicted with a repulsive disease. In a series of poetic dialogues, the author shows how Job’s friends and Job himself react to these calamities. Job’s friends explain his suffering in traditional religious terms. Since God, so they assume, always rewards good and punishes evil, Job’s suffering can only mean that he has sinned. But since Job has been an unusually good and righteous man, he cannot understand why God allows so much cruelty to happen to him. Job does not lose faith, but he longs to be justified before God and to regain his honor as a good man. Today’s reading introduces us to the third dialogue between Job and one of his friends.

Scripture Reading


1-2I swear by the living Almighty God,

who refuses me justice and makes my life bitter—

3as long as God gives me breath,

4my lips will never say anything evil,

my tongue will never tell a lie.

5I will never say that you men are right;

I will insist on my innocence to my dying day.

6I will never give up my claim to be right;

my conscience is clear.

7May all who oppose me and fight against me

be punished like the wicked and the unrighteous.

8What hope is there for the godless

in the hour when God demands their life?

9When trouble comes, will God hear their cries?

10They should have desired the joy he gives;

they should have constantly prayed to him.

11Let me teach you how great is God’s power,

and explain what Almighty God has planned.

12But no, after all, you have seen for yourselves;

so why do you talk such nonsense?


13This is how Almighty God

punishes wicked, violent people.

14They may have many sons,

but all will be killed in war;

their children never have enough to eat.

15Those who survive will die from disease,

and even their widows will not mourn their death.

16The wicked may have too much silver to count

and more clothes than anyone needs;

17but some good person will wear the clothes,

and someone honest will get the silver.

18The wicked build houses like a spider’s web

or like the hut of a slave guarding the fields.

19One last time they will lie down rich,

and when they wake up, they will find their wealth gone.

20Terror will strike like a sudden flood;

a wind in the night will blow them away;

21the east wind will sweep them from their homes;

22it will blow down on them without pity

while they try their best to escape.

23The wind howls at them as they run,

frightening them with destructive power.

Today’s Key Verse: Job 27:11

Let me teach you how great is God’s power, and explain what Almighty God has planned.


Based on today’s reading, how would you describe Job? In verses 13-23, what does Job’s friend say about God? What verses testify to Job’s faith in God? Have you ever been called upon to testify to your faith amid hardship?


Almighty God, your power is great, and you are the Creator and Ruler of the world. When trouble comes and I encounter life’s hardships, you hear my cries. I know you are with me and that I can turn to you for help and strength. I thank you for your never-failing presence and for your faithful and steadfast love and care. Amen.

Tomorrow’s Reading

Job 28:1-28: Wisdom is praised.

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