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October 4, 2022

Psalm 7(GNT)

God’s Renewing Word of Peace and Justice


Psalm 7: In this psalm, the writer appeals to God for justice as a result of being falsely accused. The writer expresses confidence in God’s righteousness, and the psalm concludes with an affirmation that the wicked will be punished and that God’s justice will triumph.

Scripture Reading

A Prayer for Justice

7 O Lord, my God, I come to you for protection;
rescue me and save me from all who pursue me,
2 or else like a lion they will carry me off
where no one can save me,
and there they will tear me to pieces.

3-4 O Lord, my God, if I have wronged anyone,
if I have betrayed a friend
or without cause done violence to my enemy—
if I have done any of these things—
5 then let my enemies pursue me and catch me,
let them cut me down and kill me
and leave me lifeless on the ground!

6 Rise in your anger, O Lord!
Stand up against the fury of my enemies;
rouse yourself and help me!
Justice is what you demand,
7 so bring together all the peoples around you,
and rule over them from above.
8 You are the judge of all people.
Judge in my favor, O Lord;
you know that I am innocent.
9 You are a righteous God
and judge our thoughts and desires.
Stop the wickedness of evildoers
and reward those who are good.

10 God is my protector;
he saves those who obey him.
11 God is a righteous judge
and always condemns the wicked.
12 If they do not change their ways,
God will sharpen his sword.
He bends his bow and makes it ready;
13 he takes up his deadly weapons
and aims his burning arrows.

14 See how wicked people think up evil;
they plan trouble and practice deception.
15 But in the traps they set for others,
they themselves get caught.
16 So they are punished by their own evil
and are hurt by their own violence.

17 I thank the Lord for his justice;
I sing praises to the Lord, the Most High.

Today’s Key Verse: Psalm 7:17

I thank the LORD for his justice; I sing praises to the LORD, the Most High.


What does the psalm writer ask of God? Is the writer seeking revenge or justice? Or both? Have you ever experienced a time when you sought God’s justice? If so, what took place?


Righteous God, you are the judge of all people. You know my thoughts and desires. Forgive me when I stray and act in ways that are displeasing to you. Order my steps this day and guide me in the way of truth. I praise you, Lord Most High, for your mercy and steadfast love. Amen.

Tomorrow’s Reading

Psalm 9: A psalm in praise of God’s justice.

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