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November 16, 2021

Psalm 111(GNT)

God’s Word of Praise and Thanksgiving


Psalm 111: In today’s psalm, the writer lists the virtues of the LORD and reminds us that the LORD is to be praised forever.

Scripture Reading

In Praise of the Lord

1Praise the Lord!

With all my heart I will thank the Lord

in the assembly of his people.

2How wonderful are the things the Lord does!

All who are delighted with them want to understand them.

3All he does is full of honor and majesty;

his righteousness is eternal.

4The Lord does not let us forget his wonderful actions;

he is kind and merciful.

5He provides food for those who honor him;

he never forgets his covenant.

6He has shown his power to his people

by giving them the lands of foreigners.

7In all he does he is faithful and just;

all his commands are dependable.

8They last for all time;

they were given in truth and righteousness.

9He set his people free

and made an eternal covenant with them.

Holy and mighty is he!

10 The way to become wise is to honor the Lord;

he gives sound judgment to all who obey his commands.

He is to be praised forever.

Today’s Key Verse: Psalm 111:4

The LORD does not let us forget his wonderful actions; he is kind and merciful.


Today’s reading teaches why God is worthy to be praised. How is God described in this psalm?
How do you experience God’s kindness and mercy? For what will you praise God today?


Holy and majestic God, I trust in your promises, knowing you are faithful. You are kind and merciful, and your righteousness is eternal. I will praise you forever for all your wonderful acts. Amen.

Tomorrow’s Reading

Psalm 115: The LORD is the one true God.

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