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November 25, 2021

Psalm 65(GNT)

God’s Word of Praise and Thanksgiving


Psalm 65: This psalm is a communal hymn of praise and offers thanks and praise to God for an abundant harvest and for God’s blessings.

Scripture Reading

Praise and Thanksgiving

1O God, it is right for us to praise you in Zion

and keep our promises to you,

2because you answer prayers.

People everywhere will come to you

3on account of their sins.

Our faults defeat us,

but you forgive them.

4Happy are those whom you choose,

whom you bring to live in your sanctuary.

We shall be satisfied with the good things of your house,

the blessings of your sacred Temple.

5You answer us by giving us victory,

and you do wonderful things to save us.

People all over the world

and across the distant seas trust in you.

6You set the mountains in place by your strength,

showing your mighty power.

7You calm the roar of the seas

and the noise of the waves;

you calm the uproar of the peoples.

8The whole world stands in awe

of the great things that you have done.

Your deeds bring shouts of joy

from one end of the earth to the other.

9You show your care for the land by sending rain;

you make it rich and fertile.

You fill the streams with water;

you provide the earth with crops.

This is how you do it:

10you send abundant rain on the plowed fields

and soak them with water;

you soften the soil with showers

and cause the young plants to grow.

11What a rich harvest your goodness provides!

Wherever you go there is plenty.

12The pastures are filled with flocks;

the hillsides are full of joy.

13The fields are covered with sheep;

the valleys are full of wheat.

Everything shouts and sings for joy.

Today’s Key Verse: Psalm 65:1, 2a

O God, it is right for us to praise you in Zion and keep our promises to you, because you answer prayers.


How does the psalm writer describe God’s care for the land and for people? Zion is the name of the mountain in Jerusalem where the Temple was built. The people kept their promises with correct worship, including offering prayers of thanks and bringing gifts and sacrifices. Describe the worship life in your community of faith. In what ways does it reflect promises to God?


O God, I thank and praise you for your abundant love and blessings. You show your love and care for me and for all your creation. On this day I promise _____________________. In your holy name, I pray. Amen.

Tomorrow’s Reading

Psalm 67: A song of thanksgiving.

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