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April 22, 2024

Isaiah 44:21–28(GNT)

God’s Guiding Word: Hope


Isaiah 44:21–28: The LORD alone is God, creator and savior. God’s greatness is described. Today’s reading concludes with a reference to the Persian ruler Cyrus, who defeated the Babylonians in 539 B.C. and gave permission to the Israelites, who had been living in exile in Babylonia, to return home to Judah.

Today’s Key Verse: Isaiah 44:24a

“I am the LORD, your savior; I am the one who created you. I am the LORD, the Creator of all things.”


21 The LORD says,

“Israel, remember this;
    remember that you are my servant.
I created you to be my servant,
    and I will never forget you.
22 I have swept your sins away like a cloud.
    Come back to me; I am the one who saves you.”

23 Shout for joy, you heavens!
    Shout, deep places of the earth!
Shout for joy, mountains, and every tree of the forest!
The LORD has shown his greatness
    by saving his people Israel.

24 “I am the LORD, your savior;
I am the one who created you.
I am the LORD, the Creator of all things.
    I alone stretched out the heavens;
    when I made the earth, no one helped me.
25 I make fools of fortunetellers
    and frustrate the predictions of astrologers.
The words of the wise I refute
    and show that their wisdom is foolishness.
26 But when my servant makes a prediction,
    when I send a messenger to reveal my plans,
    I make those plans and predictions come true.
I tell Jerusalem that people will live there again,
    and the cities of Judah that they will be rebuilt.
    Those cities will rise from the ruins.
27 With a word of command I dry up the ocean.
28 I say to Cyrus, ‘You are the one who will rule for me;
    you will do what I want you to do:
    you will order that Jerusalem be rebuilt
    and that the foundations of the Temple be laid.’”


What is Israel told to remember (verse 21)? What verses in today’s reading speak of the LORD’s greatness? In what ways do you experience God as creator and savior?


Holy God, there is no other God but you, and I worship you alone. You are my creator and savior, my source of help and strength. Keep me close to you day by day in the safety of your love. I praise your holy name. Amen.

And now, join us in praising God that the Bible Society of Jordan is sharing the light of Scripture in this Islamic nation. Holy God, last year the Bible Society in Jordan celebrated a miraculous breakthrough. For ten days, Lord God, you opened doors for Bibles to be distributed free of charge. In May, the first Bible Society bookshop opened in Amman, the capital of Jordan. This central location is a renowned tourist, retail, and restaurant precinct, and provides the opportunity to build bridges with the Muslim community. Thank you, dear God, for the ongoing support of Bible-A-Month Partners so that the Bible Society in Jordan is able to share the love of Christ with all who enter their doors. Amen.

Tomorrow’s Reading

Isaiah 45:1–13: Cyrus is chosen by God to liberate the exiled Israelites.

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