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July 8, 2024

Jeremiah 4:1-4(GNT)

July 8


Jeremiah 4:1–4: Today’s short reading is another call for the people to repent and return to the LORD.

Today’s Key Verse: Jeremiah 4:4a

[The LORD says]: “Keep your covenant with me, your LORD, and dedicate yourselves to me.”


The Lord says, “People of Israel, if you want to turn, then turn back to me. If you are faithful to me and remove the idols I hate, it will be right for you to swear by my name. Then all the nations will ask me to bless them, and they will praise me.”

The Lord says to the people of Judah and Jerusalem, “Plow up your unplowed fields; do not plant your seeds among thorns. Keep your covenant with me, your Lord, and dedicate yourselves to me, you people of Judah and Jerusalem. If you don’t, my anger will burn like fire because of the evil things you have done. It will burn, and there will be no one to put it out.”


According to verses 1 and 2, what does the LORD promise if the people turn back to him? According to verse 4, what are the consequences if the people do not keep their covenant with the LORD? What do you need to turn away from today?


Almighty God, wash away any evil that is in my heart and cleanse me of any sinful thoughts I may be harboring. Trusting in your mercy and steadfast love, I pray in your holy name. Amen.

Tomorrow’s Reading

Jeremiah 30:1–11: The LORD promises to rescue the people living in exile.

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