God Feels Your Pain and Wants to Help You Heal from Trauma

Only God can break the cycle of trauma, and that’s why it is so important to take your pain to God. He loves you, and will help you recover from the devastation you have experienced as healing takes place little by little over time.

One day, God will wipe away all tears and remove all suffering. Until then, He invites you to express your feelings and seek restoration from Him . . . starting today.

3 Steps to Start the Healing Journey

Recognizing the symptoms of trauma is where your healing begins. We want to help you overcome the painful experiences that are blocking you from God — so that you can be restored by Him.

STEP 1: Learn About Trauma

Trauma makes us feel alone. But no matter what we’ve been through, God understands and people can help. Find out more about what trauma is and what it isn’t.

STEP 2: Get Help from God

Trauma gets better over time when we bring it into the light. Our three free resources will help — Recognizing Trauma, Beyond Disaster, and God Is With Me: A Family Guide to Living After Disaster.

STEP 3: Prayer Unites Our Hearts

Jesus promises He is with us when two or more gather in His name in prayer. Let our staff lift up your requests to the Father!