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American Bible Society provides timely, interactive resources to help church groups and individuals deepen their engagement with the Bible and share the transformative message found in God’s Word.

For Your Church or Group

Designed for Bible study and ministry leaders, these resources provide opportunities for meaningful Scripture engagement. JourneyMaker allows you to create Bible-based excursions for your group. Now is the Time: Acts takes you on a journey to learn creative ways to renew your group’s relationship with God’s Word. Our movie discussion guides offer suggestions to talk about popular films from a biblical perspective.

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For Individuals

To assist you in deepening your relationship with God through Scripture, we offer helpful, easy-access digital and print resources. Venture on personal devotional Scripture Journeys based on subjects most important to you. For your mobile devices, try the BibleMinded App to help you memorize Scripture and the Bible Reader App wherever, whenever you are moved to read God’s Word. Our Facebook Ministries let you get social with others who are devoted to the Bible. Lectio Divina delivers weekly readings from the Catholic lectionary calendar right to your email. Our Bible Resources Center provides a wide array of Bible-related tools and materials.

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Bible Store is a Bible resource ministry that offers affordable Scripture resources in English and Spanish for the broadest base of Christian churches and ministries.

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Bible Resources